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We are a small design studio that cross the full spectrum of the creative industries... More info︎ 


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Action Station are an NGO who do lots of great crowdfunding campaigns standing up for New Zealanders that often get overlooked. We put together their ‘Te Ira Tangata – The People’s Agenda’ Manifesto along with an election awareness campaign that looked at key issues, targeting 18-35 year olds to get out and vote. Massive thanks goes out to Serena Stevenson, Angus McNaughton and Sarah McCarthy who joined the Lovely team on this vital project.

> Action Station  A1 Street Posters / Part of an Awareness Campaign in the lead up to the General Election.

> Peoples Agenda for Aotearoa  Logo / A4 Booklet / Social Media / Website Design & Build / Agenda Illustrations

> Action Station  Boosted Social Media Posts / Part of a campaign aimed at encouraging young Maori to vote.